Roseland’s once-bustling South Michigan Avenue has faded amid crime, disinvestment; businesses struggling

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Walking in to Edwards Fashion along Michigan Avenue in Roseland feels like a different era as a chandelier lights a selection of men’s suits.

The Edwards family opened the men’s clothing store at 11363 S. Michigan Ave. in the 1970s and has watched the once-thriving neighborhood fall into decline amid rising crime and violence.

“I’ve seen when Roseland was Roseland, as they say, the heyday,” said Ledall Edwards, who runs the store with his brother. “A lot of businesses, a lot of variety of stores and services. It practically evaporated.”

After years of disinvestment, vacant storefronts and empty lots can

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lockdown changed business for good

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Clothing store owner Brookly-ann Telemaque speak about sales at her Couva store. Photo by Lincoln Holder

Business has been slow for Brookly-Ann Telemaque since her store reopened on August 16.

But she isn’t entirely attributing her slow sales to people’s spending ability. Instead, Telemaque thinks covid19 has changed the business landscape for retail stores like her.

She is the owner of Clam Couture Clothing in Couva.

When Newsday visited on Thursday, she told Newsday, “I didn’t get a big rush (since reopening). It’s not like before…it’s a little slower.

“Remember, it have online (shopping)

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New boutique brings unique shopping experience to Jacksonville | Business

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JACKSONVILLE – There is a new boutique in town. Vine on Main opened in downtown Jacksonville on Aug. 17 to bring the city a unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Owner Jennifer Darr, who owns a house on the lake in Jacksonville, fell in love with the downtown atmosphere and wanted to add an eclectic vibe.

“We own a weekend home on Lake Jacksonville and spend quite a bit of time there. I fell in love with Ritual which is a darling luncheonette place on Main Street. I thought a boutique close to her location could create a destination location to dine

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Discount Diva: What I missed about shopping in person | Business Local

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You see what you’re buying. This has always been a biggie for people. Even the most diehard online shoppers like to squeeze the Charmin before they pay for it.

Everyone knows the quality of Wish purchases is hilariously bad and that nothing ever arrives looking the way it did on the website. But even buying things online from a reputable company has its pitfalls. That cardigan may look like the perfect thickness to see you through an air conditioned summer in the office, but what are the odds that it actually will be?

How many times have you loaded

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Man Arrested After Reports He Injected Grocery Store Food With Needles

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  • A man was arrested on suspicion of injecting food items in London, police reported.
  • Police said processed meat and microwaveable food from three grocery stores may be contaminated.
  • They told the public to throw away food from the stores as a precaution.

Police on Thursday urged shoppers to throw away food bought at three London grocery stores after a man was arrested on suspicion of injecting items using a needle.

London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement that officers were called to Fulham, west London, on Wednesday after a man was reported to be shouting abuse

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